What is The Hesch Method™?

The Hesch Method of Manual Therapy™ is an innovative, effective treatment to restore normal whole-body joint function, developed by Dr. Jerry Hesch, MHS, PT, DPT. Treatment is available in Denver area (Aurora, CO, USA) (30 miles from the Denver International Airport). Education for clinicians is provided  via workshops and home study / AKA Distance Learning. For more information on workshops, visit www.heschinstitute.com.

The Hesch Method™ is brief treatment, which focuses on accomplishing goals over a short period of time.  Many patients accomplish their goals in only three visits. Joint dysfunction such as the types that require repeat treatment, repeat adjustment or manipulation can often be resolved or significantly improved within this time frame. For any recurring problems, the patient is taught self correction, thereby limiting their dependency on professional treatment which reduces their cost in the long run.  

How is The Hesch Method™ Different?

Whole body is not just a phrase.  We literally test every major joint - head to toe.

  • We start at the feet and work our way up.
  • We test the body and especially the spine and hips in multiple positions.
  • We recognize patterns in the musculoskeletal system. Over time, injuries express themsleves throughout the body, not just in the symptomatic region.
  • We test and treat the elastic and plastic inegrity of dense connective tissue.
  • We balance the direct link between anatomical relationship and reflex muscle tone as it reltaes to ligament tone.
  • We balance reflexes from the ground up.
  • We quickly restore strength to muscles and ligaments by removing reflex inhibition.
  • We can significantly improve a typical injury in 3 visits. One reason is that Jerry does not utilize assistants, all care is given by Jerry and visits for complex presentation can take up to two hours.
  • At times Jerry will make additional recommendations for local care and avails himself to those who have exhausted local resources and after screening through chart review to assure that the travel and expense is appropriate. This is unique and qualifies as a much needed aspect of true Health Care Reform.
  • Treatment utilizes very mild forces that are applied for a much longer period of time than typical interventions to impart lasting change that is readily accepted by the body without provoking soreness or pain. We believe that large abrupt forces are unnecessary and unnatural.
  • We will strive to make an effective, lasting change, and instruct the client in self-treatment reducing dependency on expensive care.

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